Jackson & Associates Sports Entertainment Management Group, LLC, is a boutique management group located in San Diego, California. Boutique is often defined as small. We use the term, boutique to describe our laser focus on each client that is precise and intentional. JA offers our clients Direction and Consulting; working with our clients to create a defined path that will prepare them to take advantage of opportunities in professional sports and entertainment.

JA is dedicated to creating relationships based on honesty and integrity that protects the interests of our clients and that will in turn strengthen JA’s position in the sports and entertainment industry.

JA uses a holistic approach to management in that we care about the whole person—mind, body, spirit and career. We tie our belief systems into our approach to management and see our clients beyond what they will mean financially to Jackson & Associates. We firmly believe that there are still people in business that still have the desire to do things the right way. JA believes that a client coming into the business of professional sports or entertainment should always leave with more than they came in with.

Bottom Line: “In the final analysis, if I can help someone obtain their dreams and get to the other side of what they wish to achieve in life, that’s enough!” Sandrea Jackson, Founder and CEO

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